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Who Can We Trust?

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The local Police Department has been attempting to find any leads possible on "Riding Hood." When asked, the sheriff responded with a typical dodge, "we have not found connections between the robbery victims to date," He then added one of his usual defensive remarks, "our team is made up of some of the best and we're positive we will catch him." Needless to say, it's no surprise that the department has cut a large portion of its budget since late last year, leaving fewer patrolmen on our streets. And with more snips at department funding ahead, who’s to say how many more suspects like these will get away?

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Even local police have been crying out about him. "The guy just shows up and contaminates the scene with his ego and lacks the ability to ever cooperate with those already on scene," one Deputy said. But, asked if Mr. Chase's actions at a crime scene ever actually distract, disturb or prevent them from solving a case, all the Deputy could offer was, "he’s a distraction.” Hunter Chase is most publicly known for his failed attempts to upset the campaign for our current new Mayor, Teresa Gates. Many of Chase’s claims about Mayor Gates are of her political corruption. His efforts didn’t seem to change the minds of those voters who still put Gates into office. It would seem then that perhaps Gates is a bit more in-tuned with people than the sometimes-crass Private Eye is. He has been called many things, including "sexist", for his shots at Gates. At a press conference, the Mayor remarked about Chase, calling him a "fly in my soup."