February 2009

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Is it Simon Douglas?
by Chad Chowning

Only last November, Jeff Douglas was taken into custody by officers, whose investigation led them to believe that Jeff murdered his son, Simon Douglas, on October 27th. The Douglas case has provoked much attention from media and locals alike, even making some national headlines. Until now, there had been very little to come of it. Officers got the call early yesterday morning from a couple of local fishermen who saw the boy's body wash up from Solace Lake. "We both knew in our guts what we were seeing right away," said Zachary Adams, one of the fisherman at the scene, "neither of us wanted to believe it ... who would do such a thing to a child?"

Although the details of the young victim fit Simon's, the confirmation has yet to come. Ironically, Jeff Douglas had spent much of his time fishing at that same lake. It would seem the puzzle pieces are coming together. However, later in the day, Jeff's lawyer, David Matthews, told reporters that this does not prove his client guilty in the least, to those who are ready to condemn him. "The news of this tragedy is just as shocking and emotionally trying for my client as it is for everyone else at the moment," said Matthews. "There is still hope that the truth will surface soon."

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