February 2009

police dept

Veteran Cop Fired For Beliefs
By Liberty Stone

"It's sad," former Deputy Andrew Barnes told us in a private interview, "fifteen years on the force just blown away." After serving and protecting our streets for so long, while also maintaining a clean record, Barnes was let go from the local Police force last week due to "questionable beliefs" that made many fellow officers uncomfortable. "I have a right," he proclaims, "just as you do, just as anyone in this country does." He claims his views on corruption within the local government and within the force its self did make some twitchy, but was nothing new. "I've been wearing a target on my forehead for a long time now," he continues, noting that the budget cuts could have been the push they needed. His superiors are remaining tight-lipped about the situation, as to be expected. So what does he expect to get from this one-on-one interview? "Awareness," he states. "For those who still believe that we have our rights."


Ex-Crook Strikes Back
By Chad Chowning

Last year, 24-year-old Evan Russell was busted for a small string of robberies in the area by publicly-criticized private eye, Hunter Chase. "I stole and I know I did a wrong and very bad thing," he admits, "but I've had a lot of time to sit and think about that." Russell made parole just at the start of the new year, but has felt nothing but his own life threatened since. According to him, the aggressive detective has stalked and harassed him, even causing some injuries that required medical attention. Now he's fighting back. "I can't discuss everything here," he says, stating that his lawyers have asked him to remain mum about the lawsuit they have drawn up against Mr. Chase and his agency. "I feel like my privacy has been threatened. I don't feel safe." Mr. Chase was not available for comment.

Local & Business


New Land Development Project
By Chrisanne Litts

At a press release held at city hall on the early morning of Monday February 2nd, 2009 the council members of our city announced that a new company wanting to move into the community has recently been buying up a large swaths of property. The total amount of acres is said to be in the thouand.There was a definate buzz all around the courtyard that morning. The council members were excited to share this new information and the people were eager to find out who this mystery company is and what they plan to do with the property. However, nobody on the council claimed to know which company is behind all of the money. Recently several smaller unknown companies have been buying the land but because of the close proximity each of the tracts are to each other it was suspected that a bigger company was possibly behind it all. When asked for any information on who this company might be the council member could only say "It is not my place to deliver that information." There has to be a reason why no one is giving this information away, it is their job to keep us, the community, informed so why aren't they? An anonymous reporter also attending the press release whispered "This must be big if all of the council members are being so quiet yet excited about it." The reporter is certainly right about this being a big deal, but how big and for what purpose are still the questions to answer.

During the press release one of the council members announced that the building plans have been submitted but they could not share with us what exactly those plans are. They are currently in the review process and there is supposed to be a vote this Friday February 6th, 2009 on whether or not to give the plans a green light. From the way the council was acting and all the excitement in the air, it is safe to say there should be no problems getting the construction started as soon as possible. Hopefully soon the people of city hall will be able to reveal all of the juicy details as to who is going to build what, and exactly where this "it" will be.