March 2009

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Chase saves boy

Hunter Chase Saves Boy
By Liberty Stone

Despite all the flack from the victims' family, local officials and the general public, private investigator Hunter Chase's determination saved the day. Three-year-old Simon Douglas went missing in October of last year. Although Jeff Douglas, the father, was accused of murder of his own son, one small trail led to the boy's kidnappers. April Williams (28) was a mental hospital patient who had escaped to Alaska with her doctor, Dr. Timothy Simmons (53), who owns a cabin there. She was Jeff's ex-girlfriend, whom had multiple restraining orders placed against her. Evidence supports that she kidnapped the boy in a play of vengeance.

After arresting both Williams and Simmons on site in Alaska, the boy was recovered in good health. Jeff Douglas was released from jail and the family was reunited. As for Detective Chase, he admits that the hurt and frustrations he caused along the way were well worth it to find the boy. Almost everyone had acknowledged that the boy was dead except for him. Asked why he was so sure the child was still alive, he says, "never stop looking... ever."